Bridge between
communication silos

Bring people together with interoperable communication, regardless of the app they use.

Bridge between communication apps.

What is bridging?

It enables Element to interoperate with traditional proprietary apps - for instance WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram as well as other traditional messaging protocols such as XMPP and IRC.

How does bridging help you?

Element’s Matrix-based bridging services create safe gateways through the walled gardens of traditional collaboration and messaging apps.
  • Breakdown communication silos and bring the outside world into Element.
  • Address shadow IT issues caused by consumer-grade messaging apps.
  • Overcome the problem of centralized services suffering unplanned outages.

Bridges are available on our Sovereign subscription.

A new era of interoperability for real time communication.

Bridging helps break silos through interoperability. It's exactly what the EU Digital Markets Act and the US ACCESS Act are pushing for to protect against people and organizations being locked into a particular vendor or service.

Admin in your element.

Oversight and control at your fingertips.